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Mark Easton • untitled

Weathering Change addresses the physical (as well as the emotional) tax that climate change has had on humans. Curator Caryl Campbell asks how do we adapt to our burned environment? Of living with smoke for 4 months? Or how do we find hope and beauty in a destroyed environment? Is the world we see forming a dystopia? Or are there area where beauty lives on?

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Community Gallery


Michael Azzano is an Artist living and working in Omak, Wa. While primarily a printmaker, Michael’s work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture and a variety of additional mark making. Michael’s work has been showcased throughout Washington, and nationally. Michael holds a BFA from Washington State University.

According to Azzano, the ideas around Fragile comes from his fascination with humanity’s place in the world and its far reaching effects. “As a species, our presence has left few corners of the world untouched and the objects we have created will last, potentially, long after we are gone,” said Azzano. “While I typically look at this cynically, i also strive to find beauty in the things we have created.”

A Renaissance artist, Azzano doesn’t keep himself to any particular medium but brings many together to create one voice within his work, accentuating his subject matter–the juxtaposition of the man-made and natural worlds colliding and being forced to interact.

Upcoming • The Fangs in My Heart • March 2 – April 6, 2019

Join us for the Opening Reception Saturday, March 2, 5 – 7 pm