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On view • NOVEMBER 23 – January 5, 2020

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Curator’s Statement:
For a discipline with a healthy dose of absurdity at its roots, art can all too often take a serious and introspective path. But why? It doesn’t have to be this rigid, does it? In this show, I have asked artists to find the fun and fanciful in themselves. To dive into the depths of their humor and thrust it upon our eyes. The quirky, the little bit naughty, the childlike wonder. I have welcomed everything from the unexpected surprises tucked away in plain sight to the darkly comic in hopes that everyone finds a laugh on our walls during this holiday season. I hope YOU come away cheered.
~Gale Tucker

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Leslie Ahrens, Amber Zimmerman, MORE SOON….

Community Gallery

Generosity Of A Seed • Cindy Ruprecht

Community Gallery-The Gift Of A Seed-Cindy Ruprecht- The Gift of Mother Corn

Cindy Ruprecht, The Gift of Mother Corn

I started my seed saving journey with more serious intent this year, by taking a 9 month seed saving class. It was a no brainer to create art right along with it and all it’s beautiful twists and turns. Delving deep into plant sexual preference, and the amazing discovery that corn silks are actually long fallopian tubes, totally blew my mind. Ever look at pollen grains under a microscope? Did you know pollen sprouts and have sperm?
Seeds are children and should be considered one of public commons, just as water and air. Prior to 1800, all farmers swapped or saved their own seeds. The idea of privatization, commodification of seeds and seed companies was a relatively new idea within the collective. If we imagine the long and winding road of the plant/human relationship since the dawning of human kind, and look at the last 200 years, we have really started having a different relationship with plants.
As a society, we need to ask ourselves, “How can seeds be part of the public commons again”? “How can we put the pieces back together in our community as far as skills, policies, and change in infrastructure”. The goal is to get the seeds back into the commons and collectively stewarded again. Even more consolidation of the seed industry has happened in the last year before our eyes as Dow & DuPont have merged, as well as Bayer & Monsanto.
The magic and mystery of plants and our connected relationship with them, is being hijacked and taken away from us. Most folks won’t bat an eye at it, or even consider what is being lost. But to us lifelong gardeners, herbalist, & farmers, we know what is at stake, and why we must draw attention to this beautiful and dynamic world of plants and their amazing method of preserving life. The seed is a tiny bundle of life, preserved for spring, to burst forth with life for a new year. Every seed is a tiny prayer of hope and the promise of our bellies being full. Our lives are completely dependent on seeds to feed us year after year. Most don’t even give them a thought, let alone honor their brave job of preserving life.
My goal with this show is to give the seed the spotlight. To honor it’s generosity and abundance of life and to take notice of all the beautiful methods and ways of protecting this tiny bit of biodiversity and all its expressions. Injoy!
~Cindy Ruprecht

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