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On view • October 17 – November 21, 2020

Main Gallery

The Art of Beaver Creek

Curator’s Statement:

Cheryl Wrangle and Jennifer Molesworth think there are enough Beaver Creek artists to fill an exhibit at Confluence Gallery! Not only is Beaver Creek home to many amazing artists – it is also a place of incredible beauty teeming with history, fascinating people, critters of all varieties, and a range of geological wonders. From the open vistas to the tight canyons, artists will explore the landscape and neighborhood of Beaver Creek. The work will honor the cultural and natural character of this watershed from wildlife, ranching, water, recreation, scenery, Pipestone, rattlesnakes, cataclysmic disturbance, history, people and ART! The exhibit will explore Beaver Creek and show how it is a special place and also a reflection of the larger Methow Valley and a microcosm of the greater universe we call home.

Curators- Jennifer Molesworth & Cheryl Wrangle

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• Dan Brown • Caryl Campbell • Laurie Fry • Christine Kendall • Jack Kienast • Ken Libby • Joanne Marracci • Sue Marracci • Merry Maxwell • Kathy Meyers • Jennifer Molesworth • Jim Neupert • Micheal Parks • Mary Powell • Rod Weagant • Vern White • Tyler White • Cheryl Wrangle •

Community Gallery

Craig Muderlak • North Cascade Dusk

Craig Muderlak has dedicated his life to merging his passion for outdoor adventure and creativity
through his unique landscape and abstract illustrations. Muderlak’s work has been published in a variety of national publications, his films have won numerous awards, and his artwork has received international recognition. Although Muderlak is most recognized for his illustrations, he is distinguished by his diverse artistic talents including animation, film, and even music; recently Muderlak illustrated the widely acclaimed climbing novella, As Above So Below, and produced the award winning film, “Enock,” documenting (and even assisting) a parapalegic climber’s ascent of El Capitan.

His penchant for exploration and adventure foster his intimate connection to the landscape thus serving as an ongoing and evolving inspiration for his art. While Muderlak is inspired by nature, he is less concerned with depicting a beautiful landscape than he is with expressing his obsession, yearning, and profound experiences associated with expansive landscapes. Muderlak works intuitively, utilizing an energetic almost impulsive use of color and contours to convey this visceral connection, if not infatuation to these landscapes.

To see more of his work, please visit and follow him on Instagram at


OPEN Wednesday - Friday 10 AM - 3 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM