Gift Shop

A visit to Confluence Gallery & Art Center is not complete without perusing the Gift Shop!


The Confluence Gallery Gift Shop features a carefully curated display of original art, functional wares, art prints and artisan crafts hand-crafted by local and regional artists. The shop is stocked with the largest selection of locally handcrafted artisan-made jewelry in the Methow Valley. From gemstones to river rocks we have something for everyone! Something new is always coming in to the shop making shopping locally a dynamic experience for locals and visitors.

Would you like to display YOUR art in the Confluence Gallery Gift Shop? See our current Gift Shop Call to Artists.


Featured Artist: Grace May Ashford

Confluence Gallery welcomes Grace May Ashford in our gift shop.

My childhood was spent surrounded by artists and craftspeople. I grew up in a household that lived and
breathed art, and had at my fingertips the raw materials and the “grown up” tools to experiment. This
left me with an incurable desire to design and create.

Working in my dad’s pottery shop, I always felt the most comfortable with clay, but my mom’s eye for
color as well as being a fiber artist gave me an appreciation for the fact that artistic talent comes in
many forms. Still it took time for me to find my place.

I grew up, spent a decade in Europe, started a family, and returned to the United States before I found
the medium that suited my personality and my particular approach to design.

Thankfully, it is also a medium that fits with my life as a mother of four. My children are a huge
inspiration. Their love of life and ability to notice the smallest bits of beauty in the strangest of places
keeps me smiling and reminds me to keep my eyes open to the world around us. In a very different way,
my years abroad, and my experience with different cultures have left me with a profound interest in the
amazing variety of human experience, and a willingness to experiment without fear of failure. ~G M Ashford


OPEN Wednesday - Friday 10 AM - 3 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM